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Policy and Lobbying

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce represents its members' interests to local and central government, MPs, and relevant bodies and contributes to the development of Chamber policy nationally.

The Chamber has regular meetings with all Hertfordshire's MPs and the regions MEPs and it provides opportunities for members to meet with their elected representatives. The Chamber works closely with local councils on issues as varied as planning applications, district plans, business rates consultations, inward investment, transportation, town centres, environmental policies, education and skills. These processes ensure that business interests are safeguarded and promoted at all levels.

We are supported in our representational work by business led advisory and working groups drawn from the businesses around the county and participate in many local and regional partnerships with the single aim of creating  the best possible economic environment for Hertfordshire's businesses.

All of our members are invited to participate in the highly regarded British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) on economic trends ensuring that local information is fed into national statistics and that local business issues are highlighted at national level.

We are committed to ensuring that members' concerns are raised with the appropriate person or organisation fulfilling its role as the voice of the business community in Hertfordshire.

As a business-owned and business-led body, the Chamber is the voice of the business community in Hertfordshire and whether at local, regional, national or international level has the role and responsibility to lobby and voice business concerns.  Contact is made with Members of Parliament, MEP’s, the Local Economic Partnership, County Council and District Councils, utilities and others on behalf of business sectors or individual member companies.

Through its network of business led advisory groups the Chamber was a key player in the development of Hertfordshire’s successful Local Enterprise Partnership Bid.

The Unified Voice of the County

The Chamber has represented the needs of local businesses in the county for 90 years. We actively influence policy direction and decisions wherever possible through our affiliation with the British Chamber of Commerce.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has a high-profile policy and lobbying team that represent the interests of our members in Westminster, Whitehall and in Brussels. They work with us and other accredited chambers around the country, to ensure that the interests of businesses are properly represented when national decision-makers influence policy decisions that impacts business at a local level.

We also represent our members’ business interests through our collaborative approach of working with local Members of Parliament, County and Borough Councils and local organisations such as the Herts LEP. Our programme of local campaign activity including Ambition BroxbourneDacorum Look no Further, Young People are Good for Herts, Made in Herts and Women in Leadership have been created to address the exclusive needs of the county to produce a stronger, healthier Hertfordshire as a trading environment.



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