YT has launched their new community campaign “We Are Next” to Hertfordshire schools with the support of The Ocado Foundation

We Are Next is a national campaign to get the next generation moving and more connected with health, fitness and their community.

We provide Year 5 lesson plans, activities and tools that help educate children about the importance of health, wellbeing and exercise and the role that community plays in all three.

Over 1600 kids have already enjoyed our project in 10 schools across 2 towns in Hertfordshire since 2016.

We want to go bigger. We've teamed up with Ocado and have set ourselves the target of getting into over 90 schools, involving over 4000 kids across our home county by the end of 2020.

We know that teachers and parents alike, face challenges every day educating and raising the next generation to be healthy, happy and valuable members of their local community. We delved into some stats around fitness, health and wellness and discovered that less than 25% of children aged 9-11 are active for 60 mins a day, that only 1 in 12 young people eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day and that 1 in 10 young people sometimes feel lonely.

We saw an immediate need for action, and to play our part in setting up the next generation to thrive at life; we began the We Are Next campaign with our “Give Your School The Run Around” project, we found it broke down barriers between schools allowing them to share in a common goal by keeping fit and enjoying sport. It allowed children to explore their town and showed how it can benefit them now and in the future. We hope that the We Are Next campaign takes our values of Move/Connect/Reflect to impact as many children as we can & opens up more opportunities as the “WeAreNext” message grows! 

To find out more or to get involved get in touch. More details can be found here

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