Waters Peugeot Hatfield would like to invite you to an extra special event to be held at its showroom on Friday 16 February at 10.30 to 11.30am. Join us to see some fabulous cherished classic cars.  Coffee and cakes will be served and there will be opportunities for photographs to be taken.


Venue:  Waters Peugeot Hatfield, Comet Way, Herts, AL10 9TF


This is a fantastic opportunity to see a full spectrum of Peugeot cars brought together from a number of collectors. You will be able to view models from the 19th century to the present day, and chart the history of Peugeot’s inspirational work in automotive development.


Cars on show will include:


  • A cute pre-war BeBe, produced way back in 1913
  • A nippy classic – the 172 from 1925
  • A 202 from the 1930s, combining style with functionality
  • A 203 Estate 1955, brought effortless driving to the masses
  • A 404 1960 – strong and reliable and all the way from South Africa
  •  A 1973 Cabriolet, praised for its top notch refinement
  • A 405 Estate - a huge family hit with a frugal engine
  • This year’s 307 – a model of elegance combined with cutting edge safety features


In addition to admiring classic engineering, visitors will also be able to experience the latest in Peugeot engineering by test driving the 207 cc, which launches nationwide in March.


John Jackson, General Manager, Waters Hatfield, comments: ‘These cars are living proof that Peugeots are built to last. The 203 for example, known as a Sacre Bleu, recently took part in, and completed, the London to Peking Endurance Rally. This is a superb opportunity to see motor craftsmanship at its finest. We are proud to be able to display such an excellent range of manufacturing at Waters Peugeot Hatfield.’


You will also meet representatives from Waters – A company with plenty of local history, which was founded in 1896 by Walter Waters. Renowned for superior service and providing the finest engineering services to customers, Waters will be celebrating at the newly developed site, which has been established for over 110 years.


The company started as a small concern repairing farm machinery and bicycles, rapidly becoming a the top local company to handle vehicle and motor cycle repairs. From a handful of staff, it now has over 200 employees.


In addition, a special visitor will also be on hand to meet guests. Chris Greener, known as Mr Big, lives locally and at 7 ft 6 inches tall, is the UK’s tallest man.




For more information contact: Charlotte Read on 0207 420 3550