West Herts Homes (WHH) was formed in May 2019, as a successor housing association to CTHA (Cherry Tree Housing Association) which had been in business since 1975. CTHA provided accommodation and support services to vulnerable people, and these tenants remain our core client group. Most of WHH’s properties are located in St. Albans, but we also currently manage homes in the LB Barnet, and (in addition to St. Albans) the Hertfordshire districts of Hertsmere and Watford.

WHH is a small association, but we have plans to increase and diversify our stock holding in 2020 and beyond. Our first new development is due to start on site in London Colney in the first quarter of 2020.  While we are small in size, we offer excellent people focused services that, in 2018, saw us included within the Top 50 Landlords In The UK  (at position 39).      

We are particularly interested in recruiting people to our Board with skills and experience of housing  finance, development, and (for the Chair role) experience of chairing an organisation of at least a similar size and level of complexity as West Herts Homes. However, we are also equally keen to attract applicants who can help us widen the diversity on our Board, and also demonstrate good experience of team working in a non executive context. 

The role of the Chair is as follows:

  • To establish a constructive, professional, and mutually supportive  working relationship with the Chief Executive and to ensure that the Board as a whole works in partnership with Management Team 
  • To ensure the efficient conduct of the Board’s business and of the Association’s general meetings
  • To report to the Annual General Meeting, on issues and highlights during the preceding year 
  • To develop collaborative, open, and supportive relationships between Board members, and between Board members and the staff team
  • To ensure that Board members are given the opportunity to express their views, and that appropriate standards of conduct and behaviour are maintained as set out in the NHF’s code of conduct
  • To ensure that the Board delegates sufficient authority to any committees, the Chair, the staff and others to enable the business of the Association to be carried out effectively between meetings of the Board and also to ensure that the Board monitors the use of these delegated powers
  • To ensure that the Board receives professional advice when it is needed, either from its staff or from external sources
  • To ensure that the Association follows the recommendations of the NHF Code of Governance, subject to any exceptions agreed by the Board
  • To be an ambassador for WHH and to represent the Association externally as appropriate
  • To take decisions delegated to the Chair
  • Working in consultation with other Board members, to ensure proper arrangements to appraise the performance of the staff and to determine their remuneration
  • To lead on the appraisal process to ensure proper and appropriate arrangements for the overall Board appraisal and that of individual Board Members, including the Chair and Vice Chair
  • To ensure the Board has a succession plan for future Board membership
  • To lead in ensuring that the Board is kept abreast of relevant changes in law and practice and of the environment in which the Association operates
  • To ensure that all new members receive appropriate induction training and that effective arrangements are made for the development of the skills experience and knowledge of all Board members on an ongoing basis
  • To ensure the Board is accountable to the Association’s regulators