The John Warner School is celebrating the receipt of a major national award. The Well-being Award for Schools, run in conjunction with the National Children’s Bureau, recognises outstanding work being done to promote mental health and wellbeing within school communities across England.

The report issued stated that there has been a significant change in the culture of the school with leaders showing a clear commitment to staff and student wellbeing. The school’s values (aspiration, endeavour, respect, participation and creativity) provide a shared language which has helped to integrate wellbeing alongside new policies and systems which allow staff to “work at their best, feel valued and maintain a healthy work-life balance” and for “a range of interventions to support students’ wellbeing and mental health”.

The school was commended on the launch of The Hub, its new alternative provision which has been in operation since September 2018. The Hub provides “a positive, safe learning environment…[and] demonstrates the inclusive ethos of the school.” Mr Richard Caranese who is Head of Alternative Provision said, “In September we introduced our Alternative Learning Provision (The Hub) whose sole purpose is to engage, direct and care for vulnerable pupils. We recognise that we are all vulnerable at some stage and The Hub gives us as a school the further tools to help support one another as a school community. From supplementing our existing interventions to working with specific groups of students. We are very proud of what we have and proud of where we intend on taking it."

The Headteacher, Mr Jeremy Scott, said “we are delighted that the significant changes we have made in recent months to improve student and staff wellbeing have been recognised in this award. While the award celebrates these achievements we are also very focused on continuing to develop this aspect of our school over the course of the next few months. I would like to thank all the staff and students of the school who have contributed to this award.”