Tuesday 22nd November – Kingsgate Conference Centre, Peterborough
Water Connect 2011 is a one day conference and matchmaking event for companies in the water and wastewater treatment sector. The event is hosted by Anglian Water, British Water, EcoCluP, the Enterprise Europe Network and the Water Innovation Network.Why participate?
• To find out about opportunities within the UK's water sector
• To hear about the specific challenges of the water utility companies and large scale industrial water users
• Ability to request 15 minute meetings, in advance, with a large variety of companies
• To find partners for cooperation
• To find industrial water efficiency solutions
• Knowledge and technology transfer
Target participants
Companies, universities and researchers that are interested in finding collaboration partners and procuring or supplying innovative water and wastewater technologies. This includes Anglian Water, one of the UK’s leading water utility companies, who will spend £2bn over the next five years on capital infrastructure and assets and is looking for innovative suppliers of technologies and services to help them meet their targets on reducing water consumption per capita, reduce embodied and operational carbon and move towards energy self sufficiency.
Cost – FREE!
How to participate
Register and submit a collaboration profile describing your activities
Your profile will be published on the on-line catalogue and other participants can then request a meeting with you.
Using your username and password, you can also select interesting profiles from the catalogue and request meetings. Please note that the registration deadline is 14th October 2011
For further information about the event please contact Chris Woodward at the Enterprise Europe Network (c.woodward@eeneast.org.uk / +44 (0) 1707 398789)