Two years ago the events of the Buncefield explosion shocked the community of Hemel Hempstead... Homes and businesses were devastated. Many people were deeply shaken by the events and lost their jobs as a result of this. The community however pulled together, community projects supported those affected and the community of Hemel Hempstead arose as phoenix from the ashes!

The Dacorum Borough Council’s CEMENT Project and its social enterprise Cementaprise Ltd dedicated their efforts to train local people in construction skills, in order to fill the local skills gap and help people back into learning and employment. Believing in an individual’s right to deserve a second chance in live and giving support to those who have been shaken by crisis is an important aspect of Cementaprise’s work throughout Hertfordshire. “IF NOT US, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” J.F. Kennedy

Together with the Council’s ‘Landscape and Recreation’ Team and ‘Cemetery Service’ Cementaprise Ltd aims to create an accessible Sensory Memorial Garden as space of tranquillity, which commemorates the events of 11th December 2005 and the effects of the Buncefield Explosion. In line with Cementaprise’s training ethic their trainees/ volunteers, who not only train in construction but also receive social support and employability skills, will build the Axis Sensory Garden adjacent to the children’s cemetery close to Mayland’s Avenue, where the explosion took place.

Cementaprise Ltd will expand their training facilities and build a Training Centre for horticultural training in Hemel Hempstead. The training Centre will support local people in the development of new skills and support in finding employment.

Tuesday 27th November 2007 Cementaprise LTD’s Axis Sensory Garden in Hemel Hempstead will be competing against Streatham Darby and Joan Club’s Sensory Garden Annexe Project in Streatham. Watch the two projects on London Tonight on ITV1 at 6pm and vote for Cementaprise to support those people who’s lives have been deeply shaken and who deserve a second chance!

To receive the number to vote by email or text, send us your details by sending and email to and we will send you the number on the day!