The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry encourages County business leaders to attend the University of Hertfordshire’s interactive urban design workshop, or ‘charrette’ to be held from 24 June until 1 July at the University’s de Havilland campus. The initiative, which is sponsored by a range of public and private sector groups within the County, is intended to pioneer a new approach to development in Hertfordshire and will offer a chance for local professionals and the general public to discuss the future growth and economic development of the County. The event will be the first of its kind in the UK. Notable events include three large public presentations and a meeting for local economic leaders at 2:00 on the 26th of June at MacLaurin building on the University of Hertfordshire’ de Havilland campus.

The design team will be led by renowned urban planner Andres Duany, with contributions from the University and from the Watford-based Building Research Establishment. The residents and professionals of Hertfordshire are actively encouraged to participate and voice their opinions. All meeting and events, including the small meetings are open to the public and do not require an RSVP.

Specific meetings scheduled include those; all are open to all interested parties and do not require pre-registration. Meetings which may be of particular relevance to Chamber of Commerce members include: Opening Presentation; for the general public (24th of June of 7:00; Weston Auditorium, de Havilland campus, University of Hertfordshire) Meeting 5: Economic Development; for business owners (26th of June at 2:00; MacLaurin building, de Havilland campus) Mid-term Pin-Up and review: for the general public (28th of June at 2:00;Weston Auditorium, de Havilland campus) Closing Presentation: for the general public (1st of July at 7:30pm; Prince Edward Hall, College Lane campus)

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