UH Racing is run by University students, as part of an extracurricular project, and their task is to design, build and run a single-seat racing car which is entered into the Formula Student competition, an internationally recognized engineering contest formed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Formula Student competitions are held in 12 countries around the world, with notable figures such as former Formula One team principal, Ross Brawn patron of the event. Each round of the competition runs a total of eight events in the form of dynamic and static assessments where design & cost, innovation, business strategy, as well as car performance is judged and scored by industry professionals to determine the overall winner. Full details of the event format can be found here - www.formulastudent.com

UH Racing can assist your members wishing to expand their business by offering you an opportunity for your company to be introduced to new markets and gain further brand exposure by displaying your logos prominently on UH Racing's car and teamwear throughout their participation in Formula Student, where in  Britain and Germany at the peak of summer (July & August), approximately audiences of 15,000 people + 90 teams of University students and staff from 5 different continents as well as several hundred industry experts and companies, attend each meeting.  Their team also incorporates a dedicated Media Department where further product placement is achieved thanks to their Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube), functions they co-host with the IMechE and through the organisers own website and social media outlets.

The UH Racing Partnership Pack offers full background information about the competition, UH racing team's full achievements and their strong media presence & history. The package also includes details about the different levels of sponsorship they offer.  They are currently seeking to raise a total of £5000 in funds to allow them to complete the build of their latest car, UH18, however all options in the package are open to negotiations.

As part of their association with the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE), they help promote Engineering through conferences at the UH campus and even travel to secondary schools where the team give presentations to motivate students who wish to take on a career in Engineering.

If you are interested in taking this further, please do not hesitate to contact James Montgomery on James.Monty91@Gmail.com , Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, where he would be happy to answer further questions you may have. www.racing.herts.ac.uk