Hertfordshire companies involved in the export of food and drink products, and looking to export to the UAE, are invited to submit requests for a meeting in Hemel Hempstead with Al Maya Group (www.almaya.ae) during their next visit to the UK in February.

Al Maya Group owns one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UAE and is a large food & drink distributor in the Middle East, employing 2000+ people in this region.

A total of 16 meeting slots are available on 8 February for companies working in the food and drink sector. Categories of interest include: beverages (hot and cold), cereals, protein bars, organic foods, gluten free food ranges, baby food, crisps and other snack, pork products plus fresh food including dairy products. There has already been a great interest shown in this opportunity to showcase and promote British goods and competition for places will be stiff.

Al Maya has a UK buying office, thus making it easier for UK companies to export to the UAE by sending their products to the Al Maya UK office. During their last visit to the UK in June 2015, they took nine UK companies on board for their supermarkets (http://www.bcbuae.com/bcb-supporting-uks-food-drink-companies-in-the-uae/).

Hertfordshire companies wanting to know more should contact Ali Ali by email ali.ali@bcbuae.com at the British Centres for Business (BCB), the deadline to connect with Ali Ali and for submissions is no later than 29 January 2016.

The BCB is a business-to-business professional services company established with the mandate to provide operational support and market entry services in the UAE to British Companies. The BCB is a member of the Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNi), created by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), working together to create an international business network, providing practical support for UK exporters.