Commenting on the report from Network Rail on HS2, John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said:
"Network Rail's latest report confirms what business has feared for some time. Cancelling HS2 in favour of upgrades to existing lines will cost billions, cause untold disruption to commerce, and deliver far less capacity to our overstretched railways. 
 "Sooner or later, a project like HS2 needs to happen if Britain is to have the rail capacity it needs to function. We can commit to build it now - for a fraction of the long-term transport budget - or we can do it later, at astronomical additional cost.

"Politicians flirting with a u-turn on HS2 are guilty of electoral short-termism and opportunism of the worst kind. Business communities in dozens of cities and towns, from many parts of the UK, remain strongly supportive of HS2 - as a crucial part of a wider investment strategy to improve our railways, roads, energy security, and digital infrastructure."