With Hertfordshire’s roads near capacity, congestion could be costing your business money through increased journey times and lost working time. Hertfordshire County Council can help you reduce both your travel costs and environmental impact.

Travel plans can help you measure how transport fits into your organisation and what measures can be introduced to make it more efficient. The travel planning support package consists of a range of resources including: detailed advice to assist with the process; a pro-forma including surveys forms; promotional material to develop behavioural change.

Also on offer, www.hertsliftshare.org is an area wide car share service which enables registered users to find potential sharers from their own organisation as well as within the area they are travelling to and from.

Currently there are nearly 2000 people signed onto the car share scheme and we have worked with organisations to produce over 150 travel plans. These solutions are available to all organisations in Hertfordshire and the more they are used the more efficient our road transport system will become.

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