Trading Standards Officers in London have notified the Hertfordshire office to make them aware of a company offering Government Assistance Programmes. They are registered as a business in Islington  but have no physical presence at this address although they are claiming to have a working office on the site.  Trading Standards Officers have contacted the owners of the premises and been advised that the company is based in Ontario.

Trading Standards Hertfordshire have asked us to make you aware of a company offering a 900 page directory of names at a cost of £250.   They are saying that the directory contains names and applications that enable small businesses to contact the correct government department for funding.  They state that if funding cannot be obtained after making three separate applications, they will refund all money within four months.  

So far none of the businesses Trading Standards have contacted have received a directory nor paid any money but should you be contacted by thenm please contact your nearest Trading Standards Office on 01438 737300.