There are many elements that make a good website design company, but these are not the same elements that make a good website.

Ask your web designer the following three questions, unless they say yes to all three, look for another. Your business and bank manager will thank you for it in the long run.

Can I edit my own website?

90% of what you need to change is text, images and links, ask if you can do this on the website that they are selling.  

Can I do this from any computer?

Don't be tied to a single machine.  What if it blew up or got a virus?  Ensure you can make changes on any computer, home and abroad.



3.       Can you provide me with a demonstation?

Being able to edit a website is not a new invention, what is vital is that you can make changes easily, i.e. at your skill level.

Content with Impact

If the 1st rule of websites is ensuring that you can edit it yourself, then 2nd is your content must have impact and this is easier than you may think.

When People visit websites people do one of three things:

Buy: Get In Touch: Leave


To ensure potential customers do not leave without either buying or getting in touch you need to consider the following demographics:


Specific targeted individuals

2.   Where?

YouYour catchment area


3.   When?

Times they are looking to buy


How they want to be spoken to

5.   What?

Don'Don't assume they know what to do

Consider having a Top Tip on your home page and always have “Last Updated “.  Visitors will know your site is kept up to date Content that is not demographic specific in every way is exactly why business owners using Search Engine

"Being at the top of Google is like flying a flag that says ‘Come here and look at us'. If your site is out of date, those that do turn up, will not see what appeals to them and leave taking a poor opinion of your company with them."

Optimisation companies to drive more traffic to their website often get a poor return on their investment. 

If you don't have the figures you can't see where you are improving. Fortunately you can do this for free and where else, but the great Google. 

Google has free analytic software, these are the facts of exactly what is going on with your website, there are endless statistics however the most important ones that give you instant feedback that you can use are: 


·           Bounce Rate

How How quickly people leave your website, shows relevance and website quality

·      Number of Visits

These are unique individuals visiting your site, not to be confused with the less important hits.

·     Keywords Used 

The Show words searched that have resulted in people landing on your website.

·      Pages Visited & Time Spent 

ShoShows which pages are working and which are not, ideal for culling content and strategic placement of vital information. 


 This information was supplied by Jonathan Smith, Small Step Big Step.  To find out more visit his website