Entering The Inspiring Herts 2013 Awards
As written by Mary Sykes, Best of Both Worlds Ltd (HCCI Member)

• Read the Application thoroughly including “The Rules” and adhere to them

• Enter as many categories as you can – it increases your chances of being shortlisted and winning

• Use a copywriter or ask someone else to proof read your application for clarity, grammar and consistency

• Avoid using industry terminology and jargon.  Put yourself in the position of a judge who may not know much about your subject matter

• Complete your application ahead of the deadline so you can ask a trusted business advisor to give you independent constructive feedback i.e. Bank Manager, Accountant, etc.

• Choose your evidence and inserts carefully – are they the best and most relevant

• Refer to figures which you can substantiate and list accreditations

• Be bold about your achievements; don’t be modest about benefits and successes

• Remember the winning applications are “Quality not quantity” so avoid waffle and prove you are the BEST!