A message from the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Robert Voss to the members of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce:

"We are blessed in Hertfordshire-The County of Opportunity-to have a great many wonderful companies large and small.

I realise what a difficult time this is for all of you not knowing how long we will be "locked-down" and what is on the horizon. However, during these times, like many I have been overwhelmed by the acts of kindness, generosity and community spirit evidenced around the UK especially here in Hertfordshire.

And I think we are all well aware of the terrible strain under which the NHS are working and the shortages of a number of key items and perhaps some we may not have considered important-but vital to those working 14 hours a day to save our lives.

I therefore ask if any of you/your companies may be able to offer any of the items on the wish lists of the three NHS trusts running all the hospitals in the county? It might be that you can source some of the medical equipment or can arrange to have scrubs and gowns, scrub bags or masks manufactured by your company or by those you have contact with -or perhaps you could offer digital radios or iPads or food and drink. Anything on these wish lists will help the NHS get through this critical period and will thus help save lives-possibly those of your own family or friends.

Anything you are able to offer to help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and stay safe."


Robert Voss CBE CStj
HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire


Letter to members

Wish Lists:

Princess Alexandra Hospital            East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust                West Herts List

Hospices of Hertfordshire Wish Lists