The Government is launching a five week consultation on the Right to Request Time off to Train on Wednesday. Commenting, Dr Adam Marshall, Director of Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“We strongly believe that the Time to Train regulations should be scrapped in their entirety. The process obligations they impose on smaller businesses are inappropriate, costly, and potentially confusing when they are combined with other legal obligations.


“Regulations such as these also provide yet another route to employment tribunal, allowing disgruntled employees an opportunity to threaten legal action due to paperwork and bureaucracy.


“Scrapping these regulations would be a sign that the Coalition is living up to its promise to cut the burden of red tape. Another regulation planned for implementation in April 2011, Additional Paternity Leave, should also be postponed until the Government has firmed up its own plans for parental leave reform.


“These decisions must be taken urgently so businesses have clarity over what their employment obligations are. Constant tinkering with employment legislation costs businesses money and distracts them from generating growth and creating jobs.”