Our two Amur Tiger sisters Aleena and Siberia have successfully settled into their new home ‘Land of the Tigers’. The move was a whole park team effort, along with the vital help from Dr John Lewis who helped make sure the tigers were kept safe and comfortable throughout the process.


Both tigers were given a low dose anaesthetic and were safely relocated from their old habitat to their brand new one just a few metres away. The girls woke up the next morning in their new off show den a little sleepy but once they saw the entrance to their new home they were eager to get out to explore.


Siberia was the first to step foot into the ‘Land of the Tigers’, bursting out of the hatch with confidence! After seeing her sister suss out the new habitat, Aleena shortly followed, settling into a grassy patch in the shade. Aleena even managed to explore their pool and take a little rest in the hot weather, which was again amazing to see her relax like this.


All our team here at Paradise were so happy that both tigers were able to settle into their new home. They are not quite ready to be seen by the public yet. We think it is important that we give Aleena and Siberia a breathing period where they can become fully comfortable in their new home before around the public again. We will be rebuilding their old habitat to welcome back Baikal the white tiger in August also who has been living at our sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary!


We are so excited to share ‘Land of the Tigers’ with our visitors who have been patiently waiting for a long time now. In the meantime we will be sharing regular updates on how Aleena and Siberia are doing in the new habitat and any remarkable news, such as their first feed through our website and social media.