Local Hearing and Audiology experts, The Hearing Healthcare Practice, in Harpenden, are highlighting the growing problem of hearing loss by providing innovative hearing "test cards".

The Hearing test kits are cleverly hidden inside a printed card, containing four tiny loudspeakers. When a button is pressed, one of four tones is sounded, one low, one mid range, one high and one ultra high. It's a simple and very effective way in which a snap shot can be taken of a person's hearing.

Robert Beniny RHAD, FSHAA, MRSH founder of the Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden, said:

"Obviously this is a very simple device but it is very effective, not least as it gives people who would never think of having their hearing tested the chance to take a quick simple test."

Amazingly 48 million Britons have never had their hearing test due to denial and the extraordinarily long waiting lists at local hospitals.

Robert commented:

"We recently launched our Clearer Hearing Initiative, and we've found the test cards are very helpful for those with friends or relatives who deny they have a hearing loss to make the first steps in persuading them to take advice.

"These test cards, coupled with the questionnaire, are intended to give us more information about the prevalence of undiagnosed hearing difficulty and to make everyone more aware of just how precious their sense of hearing is. We live in an increasingly noisy world with more and more ways in which we can damage our hearing."

The test cards are available free from the Hearing Healthcare Practice together with accompanying information. ThoseĀ  taking the tests are also asked to complete a brief questionnaire and to return or pass on test cards once they've used them.

To collect a free Hearing Test Card please contact:

The Hearing Healthcare Practice, Wellington House, 15a Leyton Green, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2TG.

Tel: 01582 767216 E-mail: info@hearinghealthcare.co.uk.