What is it?  The Myths and Minefields show, is an online show that interviews the business minds in various industries. It’s 10-20mins discussion on myths or assumptions they may have had prior to getting into business and during your entrepreneurial journey. In addition to this, important minefields they have experienced and how to avoid such.

Guest: I am looking to invite guests that has experienced both the wins and loses in business. Currently run a successful business and from any industry background.

Current online preference preferred but not essential


How does this benefit the guest? The guest will:

  • Get to talk about and promote their latest product.
  • Get a one day social media FREE paid promotion 
  • Opportunity to express their views and teach online
  • Brand Awareness to a new audience


What is the objective? - To educate new entrepreneurs due to recent surge and in the influx of entrepreneurs due to increase unemployment and market uncertainty

Platform for promotion — YOUTUBE or INSTAGRAM  (IGTV)