As one of nine successful organisations in the East of England, Watford Palace Theatre has been selected to take part in The Big Arts Give, a very special fundraising challenge, bringing together charities, businesses and the general public.

Watford Palace Theatre is looking to raise over £100,000 to renovate the façade of its 100-year old Grade II listed building. Originally built in 1908, the Edwardian music hall has developed into a leading regional theatre, housing increasingly ambitious work for the whole community. This local theatre is the cultural and creative heart of Watford and the surrounding areas, and we hope to restore the iconic building to its original grandeur through the fundraising of this exciting challenge, The Big Arts Give.

Adrian Lesurf, Communications Director explains "We're thrilled to be part of this project and believe that it will raise the profile of Watford Palace as a local Charity. With the money we raise we will be making over the front of the building, giving the Theatre the opportunity to live up to its national reputation, and become a true landmark for Watford."

How It Works

Out of the £100,000 that is needed to makeover the façade, Watford Palace Theatre is hoping that The Big Arts Give will generate £20,000, which will enable them to begin this project.

The way that we can do this is to secure £5000 worth of Business Pledges which can then be doubled online by public donations to make £10,000 and then doubled again by The Big Arts Give Fund in December to make a grand total of £20,000!

We are hoping that Chamber of Commerce members will get involved by pledging here, so that their contribution can be doubled and doubled!For more information about The Big Arts Give and fundraising at Watford Palace Theatre call their Development Department on: 01923 257472 or visit their website: