We often bang on about the importance of the British Chambers Quarterly survey especially as it always features in the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee minutes and is regularly quoted elsewhere.

Given the announcement of the General Election yesterday it is, perhaps, not surprising that the level of interest in the release yesterday of the latest survey figures was greater than ever. Thank you to all those who contributed your input really does count.

The Quarter 1 2010 Economic Survey was featured in:

Print – The Times (x3)
The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Express
Financial Times
Daily Mail
The Independent
The Guardian
The Sun
The Scotsman
Wall Street Journal
City AM
Daily Star
BBC News Online - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8606499.stm

The survey also features in a large number of regional newspapers this morning.

Broadcast – David Frost was interviewed about the QES results on: BBC Breakfast TV Radio 4’s Today Programme (QES featured in news bulletins)
Radio 5 Live Adam Marshall was interviewed live on Bloomberg
Steve Hughes interviewed live on Sky News
David Kern will be interviewed live on CNBC Europe

Other mentions – David Frost has a comment piece on what business wants to hear from politicians in the Daily Express. BCC is mentioned in the Daily Telegraph for a piece on the business battlegrounds during the election campaign.