Herts-based charity Steph’s Wishes are £250 better off and 10 small business owners now have a better understanding of how to use social media thanks to a ‘Become a #LinkedIn hero in 60 minutes’ workshop run by Cariad Marketing in Hertford.

After the opportunity for networking over an early breakfast, Cariad MD and social media expert Justine Perry explained how entrepreneurs can not only use LinkedIn to raise their profile in the business world, but also position themselves as thought leaders in their specialist areas. The aim of the workshop was to help them build better lead generation, brand awareness and improve their networking with other local businesses.

The main points were that to make the most of LinkedIn, you need to be active on the site, always be professional, and worry more about the quality of your contacts than the quantity.

After the workshop, Cariad’s MD Justine reflected on its success: “It’s our job to help raise the profile of local businesses through social engagement. When companies are just starting out, they don’t necessarily have the budget for a massive campaign, so we wanted to give them enough relevant information to help them succeed at a price they can easily afford. And the fact that the fees are given directly to a deserving charity like Steph’s Wishes makes it all the better.”