The need for the Government to stop saying ‘might’, ‘if’ or ‘maybe’ when talking about future transport policy but to actually start delivering on the urgent need to increase capacity is highlighted by the results of the British Chambers of Commerce 2007 Annual Transport Survey.Congestion has added £550 million to business costs in the last year, according to the latest BCC Annual Transport Survey of 2,701 businesses across the UK.  The costs of congestion have risen from £17 billion to £17.55 billion between 2006 and 2007, a 3 per cent increase. The BCC Survey reports that three-quarters of UK businesses depend on the road network and that 84 per cent have experienced increased operating costs as a result of increasing road congestion.  The Survey goes on to report that 83 per cent of businesses have reported lost man-hours as a result of congestion and 60 per cent have lost business.   David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “The Comprehensive Spending Review was the ideal opportunity for the Government to show how serious it really is about spending more money on transport.  The lack of a substantial increase in investment indicates that the ideas released today will remain on the drawing board for a long time. “The survey results clearly show that the rising levels of congestion are harming business competitiveness.  If congestion continues to rise at this level then the increased costs for business will amount to £6 billion.   “UK businesses cannot remain competitive if they lose time, trade and money through rising transport congestion.  What business needs is for the Government to start delivering on the major transport infrastructure projects that this country needs.” Hertfordshire Chamber Chief Executive, Tim Hutchings said:  “It won’t be a great surprise that businesses in this county largely support the findings of this survey, indeed Hertfordshire businesses were one of the major contributors. Whilst some businesses could do more to help themselves the fact remains that little has been done to alleviate a growing problem”.  For more information contact: Tim Hutchings Chief Executive Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry  01707398400 or 07956 172208 Nick Dines  Head of Communications British Chambers of Commerce

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