Were would we be without our NHS?

Each and every member of the NHS, carers and key workers are phenomenal. Risking their lives on a daily basis, working above and beyond to save and protect the people who can proudly call this country home.

The MCP Family have demonstrated some amazing acts of kindness, altruism and support during the Covid-19 pandemic not only as a team but also as individuals.

  • Supporting our clients and their customers with essential repairs and emergencies ensuring the safety of residents in their homes during lockdown
  • Supporting our client’s vulnerable residents by providing food and care packages
  • Providing the NHS with food supplies and packages
  • Providing home cooked meals to the vulnerable in the communities we live in
  • Supporting our clients with re-homing vulnerable residents


In 2019, MCP signed the Make a Stand pledge, is raising awareness of domestic abuse. This is even more important at present, with figures showing an approximate increase of 50% of reported domestics abuse cases during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team are trained in recognising domestic abuse and how to signpost this to the correct avenues.