Help to support a local team of young people to realise their plans to deliver a social action project that could directly benefit your community.

15 young people from your local area have been recruited to v’s  ‘Summer of a Lifetime’ programme, enabling them to develop skills, build confidence and ultimately, plan and deliver a social action project in their community.

Your local ‘Youth Social Action team’ have already started researching projects that could make a real difference to community members. The teams have a great deal of enthusiasm to learn valuable new skills and help bring about positive change but they have limited resources. They are looking for local business people to enable them to make their bright ideas for Community Action a reality.


 It may be that you are able to support with the supply of materials or access to equipment.
 You might have meeting room space that the young people could use to develop project plans.
 You may be able to create an apprenticeship or work experience opportunity to broaden their experience. 
 You may be able to support the project financially, by offering funding of between £50 and £1,000.
Whatever you are able to bring to the project will add value and allow these young people to succeed not only in their community action projects, but further into the future.


 As part of the programme, each young person will complete a range of activities over 4 weeks. This comprises  of a ‘Challenge’ residential week, a ‘Skills’ residential week and then two weeks of social action project planning and delivery.

 The young people will, in most cases, be those that do not achieve the top grades at school or have a secured path to further education, but will be those that show a spark of flair and are eager to showcase their skills to develop and create future opportunities for themselves.

 Hertfordshire's training providers are supporting us to deliver some of the social action projects and will create a programme of taught session for young people to achieve a range of qualifications over the summer.

 We are also working with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, who are providing a number of athletes to support this programme. They will lead and take part in many activities, and will be on hand to support and promote the programme. Many of these athletes will be competing at the 2012 Olympics and are undertaking significant amounts of work to raise the profile of their field of sport and the 2012 Olympics.

Initially we are looking for willing organisations and would welcome a conversation about how you may be involved. There are ample opportunities to promote your organisation on clothing and when advertising the project through the nationwide v and Dame Kelly Holmes network. 

Projects are starting in July, to support this group of young people to kick start their potential and make a real difference to your community please be in touch on the details below.

If you are interested in supporting the project, and giving something back to your community please contact Rebecca Birch on 07766 994 260 or Leila Borgia on 0779 552 1036.