Some 97% of businesses expect to return to their premises in the next 12 months, at least 65% by the end of the year.  That is according to a recent independent study conducted by Aitchison Raffety, a leading practice of Chartered Surveyors and Town Planners.  

The study asked business owners and occupiers across the South East of England, how their property requirements had altered since the Covid-19 pandemic and if they were likely to return to their premises at all. 

While 59% of businesses had not felt a need to modify their property needs, 24% were looking for smaller 

premises to factor in fewer staff and also an increase in flexible/home working.  For industries where social distancing was more difficult in existing locations or where business had increased significantly, businesses were looking to acquire more space.  In the study, 17% of respondents felt that they would be looking for more space as part of their property strategy. 

Mark Bunting, Group Director at Aitchison Raffety, commented “It is reassuring that the majority of occupiers are looking to return to their premises by the end of the year and that on average, space requirements remain pretty well unchanged.  Whilst there may be a slight contraction in overall space requirements, occupation levels look set to remain around where they are now”.

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