Struggling with remote working? Trying to build a more flexible business and mobile workforce?


During the current unprecedented crisis, all our businesses need to adapt. We need to be flexible and creative. At the centre of all of this will be telecommunications. Croft Communications can help with…


  • Temporary voice, data and internet solutions
  • Business phone number portability
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Business collaboration tools


Perhaps most importantly, we can do all of this and often reduce your overall telecom spend by 20% and give you short-term cash rebates.


Croft has been in the telecoms business for 15 years, and during that time we’ve quickly grown in stature and reputation thanks to our customer focused approach, delivering a high level of support alongside cost effective solutions for over 950 businesses up and down the country.


So much so that during the past year alone we have on-boarded well over 100 new clients with our flexible suite of solutions from business phones to connectivity and Office 365 productivity tools.


We’re standing by to discuss how we can help. Please contact us on 01920 466466 or email