St Albans based 001 Ltd have joined forces with the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership, to offer Hertfordshire based sporting organisations an opportunity to save money on their utility bills.

As part of the recently agreed arrangements, 001 Ltd will offer clubs and other sporting organisations a free, no obligation review of their utility costs to see whether there has been any historical overcharging on electric, gas, water and telephone bills, and to suggest alternative, more cost-effective arrangements for the future.

As part of the partnership arrangements, a small percentage of any savings accrued will be directed to underpinning the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership’s Sport for Social Good programme – which includes; Box Cleva; Fit, Fed and Read; and other initiatives aimed at reducing antisocial behaviour and improving the lives of some of the county’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people.

In launching the new partnership, HSP Director John O’Callaghan said:

“Community sport is almost wholly dependent on the selfless efforts of volunteers, who do so much to offer opportunities for our young people, and in doing so make our communities safer, stronger and better places to live and work.

However, the daily reality for some of those clubs is a hand to mouth existence against a backdrop of burgeoning legislation, creeping regulation, and escalating costs. I know from experience that some of our clubs are so busy delivering their vibrant sporting offers, that they can take their eye off the ball as far as their utility costs are concerned.

As part of our arrangements with 001 Ltd, Will Fison and his colleagues will bring an expert eye to proceedings, at a time when every penny counts.

As the clubs make savings, funding will be generated to support our social inclusion programmes, so this is very much a win-win arrangement, and we are delighted to have 001 Ltd on board”.

In supporting O’Callaghan’s statement, Will Fison of 001 Ltd said:

“As a Hertfordshire based company we are pleased to be able to support the superb programmes being delivered by the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership and their stakeholder organisations, in this way. At a time when funding is at a premium, it is imperative that clubs and other sporting organisations, review what they are paying for their various utilities. I believe that we are ideally placed to support that process and look forward to working with those clubs, to see what savings we can identify”.

Any club or other sporting organisation looking to take advantage of this opportunity should contact Will Fison at  Tel: 01727 857 600 to arrange a free, no obligation utilities review.