Businesses that can demonstrate outstanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) are being called on to enter Business in the Community’s (BITC) 2010 Awards for Excellence.

Firms can enter any of the 15 main award categories. There is also a specific category for firms with less than 250 employees — the Small Company of the Year Award.
Categories include the Talent Award, the Healthy Workplace Award, the Bank of America Climate Change Award and the Active Communities Award.
Businesses that can prove their community or environment programmes have a positive impact will receive a Big Tick, a nationally recognised logo which they can use on their websites, marketing materials and letterheads. Between three and five businesses in each category will then be shortlisted for the overall awards, the Examples of Excellence.
“It  it is vital that we continue to celebrate those companies , large and small which recognise that their environment and community  activities are just as important now as ever,” said BITC Regional Director, Mike Brophy
“Our winners tell us that the application process is a valuable tool for evaluating the work they have been doing, and provides a template for their programme development.
 “The size of the company is taken into account — for example, a company with only ten employees that managed to provide 1,000 hours of employee volunteering for a local cause is a much higher level of achievement than a company with 100 employees achieving the same level of activity.”
Entrants to all categories must be able to show evidence of the impact they are having on the community or environment, prove that the programme could be replicated and demonstrate a clear business case for the activity.
The closing date for entries is 5th March 2010 for national awards and 30 March for regional awards. The Examples of Excellence winners will be announced at a Gala Dinner at Hengrave Hall in June 2010 supported by BAA Stansted, Adnams and Anglian Water
For more information and to enter the awards, visit the BITC website  or contact Jenny Webb at or 01638 663272