Have you  recently applied for credit/loan at a financial institution?  The European Commission wants to hear your experiences and feedback on the matter.

The European Commission, with the assistance of the Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services (CSES) is carrying out an evaluation of market practices and policies on SME credit ratings.

The main objective of the evaluation is to have an overview of bank practices in rating/scoring SMEs and of the feedback they provide to SMEs, on a voluntary basis or upon request from the SMEs.

A secondary objective is to highlight the kind of policies that have been implemented to promote the transparency of SME rating in the banking sector and the supply of such feedback to SMEs.

All information provided in this survey will be confidential and will be dealt with accordingly.

The Enterprise Europe Network, which is partly funded by the EC, plays a crucial role in relaying issues from small businesses back to Brussels, particularly on how EU regulations can impose costs on their operations, and will feedback the results of this survey directly to the European Commission.

The deadline to submit contributions is 14th May.  Click here to take part in the survey.