Watford: Smart Cover Insurance, one of the UK’s most trusted insurance providing companies, joined hands with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to organize a fundraising walk in Watford. The company’s staff were seen in bright BHF t-shirts at the Watford Parade, raising funds and awareness about the day amongst the crowd on the World Heart Day.

According to Heart UK, approximately 160,000 people die from heart and circulatory disease in the UK and in every 7 minutes someone in the UK will have a heart attack. Although the figures are quite alarming, small changes to lifestyle can bring big changes and make our hearts stronger. Eating a healthy diet, being more physically active, reducing both alcohol consumption and smoking can make huge differences and make our hearts healthier.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Niraz Buhari, Managing Director, Smart Cover Insurance, said, “We feel proud to be associated with an important cause like this. We are in the business of securing people and we strongly believe that securing health is most important. In our office, we have breaks at regular intervals so that people can move from their desks and walk, share some healthy laughs. We try our best to create a happy atmosphere in our office.


We have been working for the cause of Alzheimer’s patients in the past and this is our first initiative towards working for another crucial cause. We look forward towards participating and being involved in bigger way in the future.

The office staff were very enthusiastic about the fundraising event. Mr Chetan Mankar, Director of the company said, “It is a completely new and very satisfying experience. We are raising funds for a noble cause and I feel proud to be associated with it and I am happy that I could also contribute something towards it. I realise how important our hearts are and I pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle now.”

The company supports other causes as well like dementia and has special policies for vulnerable customers.

The entire fund raised during the event will be donated to the British Heart Foundation by the company.

About Smart Cover Insurance:

Smart Cover Insurance is the brainchild of a group of experts whose collective experience totals over 20 years in the insurance sector. Smart Cover Insurance tailors the products and services to the diverse backgrounds of customers, enabling them to retain the valuables they worked so hard to get. The company and all the products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing the further assurance of being protected and entitled to a high level of service. The company has been successful in many prestigious awards like The Claims Awards 2017 (finalist), Modern Claims Awards 2017 (shortlisted), Hertfordshire Business Awards (2015 and 2016), Insurance Times Awards 2016 (finalist). Visit us at: https://smart-cover.co.uk

About the British Heart Foundation (BHF):

For over 50 years we’ve pioneered research that has transformed the lives of millions of people living with heart disease. Our work has been central to the discoveries of vital treatments that are leading the fight against heart disease. However, heart and circulatory disease still kill more than one in four people in the UK, stealing them away from their families and loved ones. From babies born with life-threatening heart problems, to the many mums, dads and grandparents who survive a heart attack or endure their daily battles with heart failure. Join our fight for every heartbeat in the UK. Every pound raised, minute of your time and donation to our shops will help make a difference to people’s lives. bhf.org.uk/donate