Ahead of the publication of the National Audit Office Report "Supporting Small Business" David Frost, Director General of the BCC, said: "Little attention would seem to have been paid by the SBS to what value it is adding and its overall effectiveness. It is clear that the SBS has been unable to establish the overall impact of either its or either wider government activity on behalf of small businesses." "When an organisation has to resort to using taxpayers money to demonstrate its effectiveness that is the time to question whether it should continue." "It is also of deep concern that in the light of an increasing burden on businesses from regulation and red tape amounting to over £50bn since 1998 the instruments the SBS uses to measure the regulatory burden on small businesses are still incomplete." "What small business needs now more than ever is a strong advocate at the centre of government. This report demonstrates that this simply is not happening. The 25 government departments surveyed in the report simply did not have confidence in the SBS's ability to set the Government's agenda on small business issues."