Scale Up Your Thriving Business Attract New Clients And Maintain Your Wellbeing



Thursday 26th September


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Avoid the pitfalls that many small businesses fall into when growing a business.


Growth can be hard, not only on your cashflow but also on your personal wellbeing. For this reason, we've partnered with Scale Up Strategist to deliver a not to be missed event which will help you to:



              ✅ Plan your growth in a manageable way

              ✅ Keep your bank balance healthy

              ✅ Ensure a constant supply of new clients

              ✅ Avoid burnout


Sponsored by Sage, this half day event is aimed at SME owners and directors, looking for ambitious growth in their business over the next three to five years.


This event will provide you with tips about how to use your online presence to raise awareness and attract new clients, through to maintaining your wellbeing.


You can expect to hear from Industry experts who will be presenting on:


  • How we can support your business Hertfordshire Growth Hub
  • How to avoid the major pitfalls faced by small businesses - Scale Up Strategist

               - Why does the success of small business matter?

               - How well are small businesses doing?

               - How to avoid the pitfalls and grow your business

  • How to manage your cashflow
  • Turn your website from a passive portfolio into a lead generation machine -  Wagada

               - Identify the fundamentals to boosting your brand online

               - The process of attracting new clients online

  • Wellbeing and growing your business - Corps Fitness

               - Why is wellbeing so important to you and your business?

               - The benefits of physical activity for mental wellbeing

               - How nutrition can affect performance


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