Hatfield - 11 September 2019
Our Promise - You will double the value of your business over 2-3 years. Curious about how - Come and see for your self.

About this Event

Exclusive Membership

The Mastermind Board Meetings are Peer to Peer boards that consist of the owners of SME businesses. There is a maximum of 20 members on any board and there will only be one member from each sector.

Proven Tools and Methods

Launched in 2009 The Alpha Group is now operating in more than 20 countries

All of our Directors have been trained in implementing our Mastermind Board Meetings and GOLD Coaching™ strategies, enabling them to assist in doubling the value of your business over two to three years.

Over and over again, these strategies have been proven to work, regardless of your industry or business model. Mastermind Board Meetings are structured, disciplined and action orientated.

This is underpinned by personalised advice from our experienced Directors with a track record of success in business. Never feel like you have to question opportunities, or face challenges alone again.

If you are ready for exponential growth, The Alpha Group would like to team up with you to double the value of your business over the next 2-3 years.

Membership Eligibility

  • You are the decision maker of an organisation.
  • Committed to spending a morning a month working on your business.
  • Willing to share your knowledge and experience with like-minded peers.

For more information email jon@scaleupstrategist.co.uk.