Along with six other water companies in the south east of England, Three Valleys Water has announced a hosepipe ban and has joined forces with the Environment Agency to beat the drought. The company hopes customers will join in the effort too!

The ban began on 3rd April 2006 and will continue until further notice.



Save your business money by saving water



  • Take regular meter readings to monitor water consumption.


  • Check for unexpected night time usage. Take a meter reading at the end of the day, and then first thing in the morning. If your meter has registered use when there should be none, you may have a leak.


  • Fix dripping taps.


  • Install Hippos into your toilets – this can save up to 3 litres per flush.


  • Install minimising controls e.g. push taps, sensor urinal controls, flow regulators / restrictors on outlets such as taps/ showers.


  • Increase staff awareness with training, and also encourage them to report leaks (we can provide leaflets & posters).


Remember – a small reduction by all of us now will make a huge difference in the future.


For further information contact the Commercial Development Team:

Tel: 01707 268111