Major changes to the cost of sending items in the post are being introduced with prices calculated not simply on weight but the size and shape of an item.



From August 21st anyone posting something should be aware of the three new categories:



Large Letter



The changes are being introduced to better reflect how much it costs Royal Mail to collect, sort and deliver mail. The vast majority of items will cost the same or less to post under the new system.


There are a few simple tips and reminders to help people with commonly posted items and to help them save money.




  • Standard birthday cards will still cost 32p in the Letter category but larger cards, including those with
  • badges will fall into the Large Letter bracket.
  • If you are sending an A4 letter by folding it in half to fit in a standard C5 envelope will lonely cost the
  • Letter price of 32p rather than Large Letter 44p.
  • Compact heavy items like books will be cheaper to send than before. However light but bulky items
  • such as a poster tube will cost more.




To help its customers with the new prices, Royal Mail will be delivering a leaflet to every address in the UK throughout August but full information will be available at your local Post Office on online at