The Rhythms of the World (ROTW) music festival in Hitchin celebrates 20 years this summer, with another fantastic festival in the grounds of Hitchin Priory on 9th & 10th July – and your company and staff could be involved.

Since the event started it has grown to be one of the largest celebrations of world music and arts in the UK. More than 31,000 people enjoyed the festival last year, with its mix of world and local music, dance, community arts, entertainment and food from different cultures.

Local people volunteer as individuals, with friends and family or with colleagues and do all sorts of jobs, from gardening in The Priory beforehand, to distributing flyers and helping to build the stages. There’s also plenty to do after the festival with also dismantling the stages and helping clear away litter.

Increasingly, local companies are offering to help in practical ways; by sending a team to help clear the site before or after the event, for instance. As well as being a huge help to the festival organisers, this kind of Corporate Social Responsibility activity is enjoyable and productive for your employees, and a good way to build relationships between teams.

Supporting the festival does much more than make you feel good: involving your company with our work gives back to the local communities in which your staff and customers live and work.

One option for businesses is to become a festival sponsor. In this ever-competitive marketplace, sponsoring or advertising the festival could expose your brand to 30,000+ attendees and tens of thousands more people online. This year’s 20th festival will be more high-profile than ever, and sponsors are ensured a prominent place on advertising and promotion materials, before and during the event.

If you’d like to know more about getting involved with Rhythms of the World this, please contact