Commenting on the announcement on the immigration cap, made by the Home Secretary today (Tuesday), David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said:  

“Business will be pleased to see that the Government has taken its concerns on board.   

“At the same time, businesses will hold the Home Secretary to her pledge to ensure that businesses will still have the flexibility to hire according to their needs. In a globalised economy, it is essential that multinationals can transfer senior employees to the UK and that business can fill skills gaps when required.   

“It is right that companies that require skilled workers for a specific job move to the front of the queue, as these individuals are essential for economic growth and ensuring that the UK remains competitive.  

“Now the Government must work with business to ensure that the new criteria allow the best and the brightest into the UK. Attracting more entrepreneurs and investors from overseas will contribute towards making 2011 a Year for Growth.”