It is widely acknowledged that small businesses looking to improve resource efficiency will often benefit from adopting an environmental management system (EMS). However, more often than not, they lack the knowledge, understanding or time to implement such a system unaided. An environmental management system can help a company identify cost saving opportunities, ensure compliance with relevant legislation, meet the requirements of key customers and reduce the organisations impact on the environment.

As such the Resource Efficiency East Programme is launching The EMS Club early in 2010 and is calling on smaller businesses from the East of England to register their interest in participating.

The EMS Club will assist businesses to understand and implement an environmental management system in a methodical, concise and staged manner through a series of workshops designed to encourage knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer networking. In addition businesses participating in The Club will have access to additional 'one-to-one' support to help them assess the priority areas within their organisation in terms of EMS implementation.

The Club will be run as a series of 'hubs' across the region so as to make the support as accessible as possible to small businesses with limited time available for such activities.

The Club will be limited to one hundred eligible SMEs from the East of England, so to check your organisations eligibility and register your interest by visiting this link