Hertfordshire-based business coach and coaching lecturer, Tina Dickens from 2J Consulting Ltd, has shown how a well-designed and implemented coaching programme can be a positive support intervention during times of economic uncertainty. Tina’s research into the impact of North Hertfordshire District Council’s (NHDC) internal coaching initiative  is now publicly available.

Since 2012, Tina has, through her role as Visiting Lecturer in Coaching for the Institute of Leadership & Management programmes at North Hertfordshire College, delivered accredited training to NHDC staff who want to train as internal coaches. In an inspired move, the Council has made coaching available to employees across the authority, using these professionally accredited staff.

Having learned from her students about the innovative approach to coaching at NHDC, Tina undertook some detailed research to evaluate the impact of theinternal coaching initiative as a cost-effective way to support staff through a achange management programme, which was triggered by the need to cut costs due to austerity measures.. When analysed, Tina’s study showed that coaching has made a significant contribution to NHDC’s proactive change process; thus challenging preconceptions of local authorities as overly bureaucratic and change averse.

Tina said: “I have been thoroughly impressed with the positive impact that coaching has had for NHDC staff, both for those doing the coaching and those being coached. The research also serves to highlight how, when managed effectively, coaching can have a positive impact on the culture of an organisation and the people within it, even when it is in a state of flux.”

David Scholes, chief executive officer for NHDC, concurred that coaching has been a key factor in maintaining employee engagement throughout the change / cost saving programme:

“Many sectors have turned the corner, but austerity measures are ongoing for councils. NHDC’s approach to coaching in a constructive environment is still relevant and a good model for us in the longer-term.”

For more information, or to request a copy of the case study, please contact Tina Dickens on 07967 633945 or tina@2jconsulting.co.uk or contact Dawn Mimnagh on 07989 696353 or dawn@dottingandcrossing.com