Commenting on plans announced today by Cabinet Office Minister, John Hutton, to tackle the burden of regulation, David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)  said:

“We welcome the Government’s latest announcement to cut the burden of regulation on business.

“The Government’s approach must be more than a paper exercise couched in warm words – employers are still waiting to see real improvements to help them in the running of their business.

“The BCC’s figures, compiled by independent academics from the London and Manchester Business Schools, show businesses are paying an extra £40bn since 1998.

“This initiative needs to lead to some real change. Employers are yet to be convinced about the Government’s plans to tackle the burden of regulation as they have seen the costs increasing year after year.

“We need to see a deep-rooted cultural transformation across Whitehall departments so that future regulations do not impose unnecessary burdens.”