This opportunity is funded through the European Social Fund with the purpose of upskilling adults in employment.


 To qualify for monetary reward you must be:

*a small employer (up to 249) or self employed

*larger employers may have free training for unlimited staff but do not receive the funding


To qualify for the free training you must be:

* 19 or over

*employed for a minimum of 8hrs a week, (or volunteer with an agreement)


*working in the east of England: Herts, Essex, Cambs, Beds, Suffolk & Norfolk


How it works:

*An initial assessment to identify level of training required

*This will be City & Guilds qualification at either Level 1 or level 2

*Option to do maths and English or just one subject

*Length of training depending on need (approx. 10- 30hrs)

*also for the development of employees who do not have English as their first language

*On line, face-to-face and tutor supported training


Monetary reward:

The fund compensates for staff time with a payment of £800 for each staff member (max £2400 per employer)

*£400 rewarded at sign up stage

*£400 rewarded upon successful completion of the assessment


Expected Outcome:

*Recognised City & Guilds qualification in maths and/or English at Level 1 or Level 2 and would hope to progress to Level 2


Course content for Level 2:

English writing: Letter writing, report writing, writing styles e.g. the difference between formal and informal writing, sentence structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation

English  reading: Comparing text, main points, skimming, scanning, meaning, bias and structure

Speaking & Listening: Presentations, group discussions, body language, appropriateness of context to audience, use of vocabulary


Maths: Problem solving in numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, proportion, measurement, formulae, area and perimeter, collect and represent data (charts), using data and probability


This is a Government backed initiative, available for a limited period only whilst there is still money in the pot.

I signed up to it and have already received my first £400.  There is no catch and no risk so I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to reap the benefits on offer. 


I’m helping to recruit as many businesses and people as possible during this short window of opportunity.  So, if you would like to take up this offer or know anyone else who would, I require; name, email address, location and telephone number in order to arrange for you tobe signed up.


Kind regards

Sarah Lebentz

T: 01992 476 573 e: