Commenting ahead of the publication of the report, ‘Cut EU red tape’, which is due to be released by the Business Taskforce today (Tuesday), Dr Adam Marshall, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:
“We applaud the Prime Minister for asking businesspeople, not bureaucrats, to look at ways to reform existing European regulations, and to ensure that future EU legislation does not become a barrier to the UK’s growth and competitiveness. “The UK has a massive current account deficit with the EU, the eurozone is fragile, and the EU Single Market does not work effectively for many UK companies, particularly in services. Too many British businesses also say they are hampered by disproportionate and burdensome red tape emanating from Brussels. For all these reasons, the reform recommendations from the Business Taskforce will be hailed by many in the wider business community.

“It would be complacent for our politicians not to pursue reform at European level. Our own survey data shows that firms want some powers, particularly around employment and social legislation, shifted back from Brussels to Westminster.

“As the European Union changes, we must defend UK business interests. That includes keeping up the fight against unnecessary regulation, both present and future.”