Businesses in the Environmental Sector are thought, by the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, to have major growth prospects in the next ten years and it is seeking views and advice on what support needs to be provided. In recent months the Chamber has called for more practical and energetic support for the sector and is anxious to work with partners to dispel some of the barriers to success. ”As costs rise we believe it is important to consider other sources of energy. We have the technological know how but, as is so often the case, we have been slow to exploit it. Our scientists have been innovative in seeking solutions the rest of us now have to demonstrate an equal degree of innovation to ensure that the message is got across and the economic difficulties overcome”. The Chamber has supported Employers for the Environment in Stevenage for many years and has begun discussions with Hertfordshire County Council to determine how the debate can be developed and practical solutions put in place. E-mail your views and comments' to