The Prideview Group has reinforced its passion for local sport by becoming Watford FC Business Club members. Based in North West London, the family-run business has Watford fans throughout the company, and its relationship with the Premier League club builds upon Prideview’s already well-established links within cricketing circles.

A company brimming with avid sports fans, Prideview already works alongside fellow Watford FC Business Club members Merchant Taylors School to organise the ‘Prideview Cricketers’ Cup’. However, Company Director Nilesh Patel insists many within the business have “a natural love for football”, and he believes that there are parallels that can be drawn between the football club and The Prideview Group, as the company look to establish professional relationships further afield.

“Watford is our local club, and it operates in a national league. In that sense, we have similarities, as we are a local company, but we operate nationally as well. We’re not just about North West London and the local area. We’re about the whole country, finding opportunities and investing all over the country.”

The Watford FC Business Club stems from a partnership between the football club and Eleven Sports Media. Formed in 1985, the Prideview Group has acquired and manages a diverse portfolio of commercial properties nationwide on behalf of domestic and overseas investors, and its membership allows the company to showcase its branding to both a local and international audience.With its logo broadcasted throughout Vicarage Road on matchdays, the company’s name appears on the pitch and crowd-facing LED boards, in addition to the StatZone and StadiumTV screens located within the concourses.

Moreover, the company also appear on Watford FC’s official social media channels, via StatTracker generated content, creating an interactive association between the Prideview Group and the football club. From a family of Watford fans, Nilesh Patel attended his first Hornets game aged 12, and the company is relishing its link with the club’s recent success.

“It’s a family-orientated club. It’s had its ups and downs, but it’s doing really well at the moment”, Patel continued, “so it was a mix of liking the team and wanting to go to games and enjoy the hospitality, as well as partnering up with a club that is always around the Premier League or Championship, showing that we have that kind of presence. That gives us a bit more credibility as a business as it’s a brand people do recognise.

“Also using the [Watford FC Business Club] logo and having that kind of partnership has been really good because people will identify us with a brand that’s not just known in the UK, but also internationally as well. It does resonate a bit with overseas investors looking at properties in the UK.”

As part of Prideview’s partnership with the Watford FC Business Club, the company are granted hospitality tickets for several games per season, as well being invited to Business Club events, hosted by Eleven Sports Media, which include exclusive members-only dinners and Q&A sessions with former Watford players.

“I really enjoy the end of season awards each year – the [events team] will tell you, I always make sure we go and make the most of it! And when we attend the Watford matches, we’re always sharing what we do on social media; sharing the fact we’re involved with Watford, and every time they have a good result, we’ll share it on our platforms”, Patel said.

With the Prideview group now a second-generation family business, its links with Watford FC, combined with its cricketing connections, demonstrate the importance of being active within the North West London area. Having maintained professional relationships with several of the company’s earliest clients for “many, many years”, Nilesh Patel believes sport reflects how the Prideview Group see their business.

“There’s a lot of parallels between sport and business, in terms of working together. Not everyone can be the goal scorer, people have different roles in order to be successful. We try and get involved in football and cricket because it’s a way we can do business – without actually doing business! It’s a fun way to relate to people.”