The Communications Workers Union has today announced a 24 hour strike on Friday 29th June, and has also agreed, but not announced, further strike days to occur within two weeks of the 29th June.  As yet, no timings for the 29th June have been announced.

Clearly this action is deeply regrettable and only adds to the extremely difficult competitive challenges that face Royal Mail at this time.  There is an absolute need for us to modernise in order to drive down our costs and the prices that we pass on to your members. This is the essence of the dispute that we find ourselves embroiled in.  Royal Mail remains very willing to talk with the CWU about the need to modernise and how damaging a strike would be for postmen and women, and, importantly, your members, our customers.

Now that the strike has been announced, we will be putting in place our contingency plans and we will be doing all we can to keep the disruption to a minimum.  On the 29th June;access to Royal Mail services will be available - but limited to a single collection from both street boxes and those Post Office Counters not affected by strike action. These collections may be earlier than the advertised times

  • We will attempt to deliver Special Delivery™ items.  This service cannot be guaranteed, and so the money-back guarantees on these services will be suspended during the strike period
  • Parcelforce’s guaranteed services will remain unaffected
  • All other mail services will be subject to delay.

In order to minimise disruption to your post;

  • please try to avoid posting on the day of the strike, and post early in the day if you have to
  • Post your mail at Post Offices not affected by strike action, but be aware that they will not be able to accept bulk mailings.

    Our business helpline – 08457 950 950 - will operate, but will be very busy, so please be patient.  Our website,, is another good source of information, so please log on to get an update.


It is inevitable that will be some disruption as a result of the strike, but please rest assured we will do all we can to get back to a normal service as soon as possible.