Commenting on the first phase of the new government’s “action plan to bring an end to the excessive regulation that is stifling business growth” announced today, David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:  

“BCC research shows that new employment regulations over the next four years will increase business costs by over £11 billion – so the announcement of an immediate review of all red tape in the pipeline is very welcome.   

 “At a time when we need business to drive recovery and create jobs, the cost of employing people clearly needs to be reduced. Employers consistently tell us that they will get on with creating jobs and wealth, but they need government to get off their backs and let them do it. 

“While the initial signs from this government are very positive on reducing the burden of red tape, the coalition should remember that we will be subjecting them to the same level of scrutiny that we have with other initiatives over the years.”