This week there has been two incidents on Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead where delivery vans have been stolen.
  •         The first occurred at 12.10hours Tuesday 29/04/08 in Cleveland Road, HH  -
        A white Nissan Van was delivering to one of the businesses, driver has left vehicle     engine running with keys in ignition.         Offender has jumped into vehicle and driven off.
  •         The second occurred at 12.22 today 30/04/08 in Maxted Road, HH
                A red Ford Transit was delivering driver again has left the vehicle engine  running.
Offender has jumped into vehicle and driven off Is there any chance we could send out an email to the businesses warning them on the latest trend The Police we would like to remind all delivery drivers and van owners to lock their vehicles:
  • Even if you are only leaving it for few seconds.
  • Always lock your vehicle and take your keys with you
  • Do not leave anything on show
  • Get help when loading and unloading, to keep an eye on things
  • Please inform delivery drivers of the incidents so they can take their own security measures.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour around vehicles