HERTFORDSHIRE Constabulary is warning owners or managers of empty commercial premises to be vigilant, following incidents where property has been stripped from vacant buildings.

The most recent incident occured at a large office block in London Road, Stevenage. The building has been empty for some time.

The seven floor office building has been stripped of cabling, plumbing and other fixtures and fittings, which was reported to police on Thursday August 5. At this time, the loss is still being quantified and the value of the stolen proerty is unknown.

Superintendent Mark Drew said: "It does appear that a theft on this scale would require a number of people, vehicles and access to the premises on several occasions.

“As well as the value of property taken, stripping a premises like this can also cause extensive damage.

“We would ask that anyone who is responsible for the management or security of empty commercial premises remain vigilant.”

Another burglary of a vacant commercial premises occurred in June of this year in Hunting Gate, Hitchin. Offenders broke in and caused large scale damage by ripping down a suspended ceiling and light fittings, causing damage to interior walls and smashing windows. The damage was reported on June 15 this year.